S. A. (Pakistan)20.11.2019 04:18 The website is very user friendly. The e-visa application process is so smooth without any complication.
R. C. (Australia)20.11.2019 03:06 Exceptionally easy to navigate website, well thought out.
I. F. (Egypt)19.11.2019 02:12 It was so easy and i enjoy that easy way to have visa for the respectable wonderful country
j. c. (United Kingdom)18.11.2019 23:58 excellent and very easy to follow instructions
A. J. (U.S.A)17.11.2019 23:21 So easy to apply, with great instructions and user friendly site.
R. M. (U.S.A)17.11.2019 21:51 The process is very easy and the website easy to navigate. Thank you so much!
T. V. (Portugal)17.11.2019 19:26 Very good, informatics friendly, works quickly. This e-visa process is very good to avoid peoples traffic at Airport Kiosk tickets. Very nice indeed! Good work, thank you. Regards
M. B. (Pakistan)17.11.2019 17:35 Excellent. Program and data fields have been designed keeping in humans in mind. Intelligent.