A. S. (Saudi Arabia)07.12.2016 14:59 It is very easy to navigate and get the visa in minutes. Very good visa service. Thanks & best regards.
A. A. (Egypt)04.12.2016 13:56 The e-visa issuance process was extremely easy, user-friendly and efficient.
A. P. (U.S.A)08.11.2016 01:03 This was the most efficient and organized visa application system that I have ever encountered. Thanks for making my life easier! Best, Artemis
S. P. (India)26.10.2016 13:01 Very easy and encouraged. Thanks for such a nice version of visa issuance.
S. M. (Pakistan)18.10.2016 15:19 This is an excellent service that provides convenience and comfort. I really appreciate it. Thanks Sikander Mehmood
J. P. (United Kingdom)15.10.2016 13:28 We have used this facility and process before and it is very simple and easy to understand and follow. A fast and efficient service as usual. Thank you
V. J. (Suriname)15.10.2016 08:00 This way of application was very convenient, fast and efficient. Especially in our case where there is no turkish embassy in our country. Our sincere compliments
M. M. (U.S.A)14.10.2016 02:39 I really like the way you do the date selection on your website. It is so easy to choose the year, then the month, then the day. Thank you!