R. A. (U.S.A)18.01.2019 19:44 Very well done, easy to use. I liked the Date Selection method.
A. T. (Canada)18.01.2019 17:08 The most easy to use and navigate consulate website so far and very secure payment system.
M. M. (United Kingdom)18.01.2019 16:48 Absolutely straight forward and fast service no hassle what so ever.
E. O. (U.S.A)16.01.2019 22:31 It was tep by step and very clear with being correct or needing correction. Thank you. 16 January 2019. Five stars is best.
M. H. (U.S.A)15.01.2019 21:22 Very good design and layout. System operated flawlessly and was quick and simple to complete.
L. G. (South Africa)12.01.2019 19:55 I wish all countries want to make it so easy to get a visa. Will increase tourism a lot!
H. L. (Norway)11.01.2019 15:10 I really enjoyed how from the verification email it took me directly to step 3. Very easy and pleasant!
S. S. (Croatia)11.01.2019 06:37 Traveling is my job for last 38 years and I''m qualified to say that this visa application procedure is the very best one I have experienced so far. Thank you.