R. L. (U.S.A)21.01.2017 18:26 This was a very easy process and I am very pleased with the navigation of the website.
A. M. (United Kingdom)08.01.2017 14:57 Excellent. So easy Every Country should make it this easy to get a Visa. No hassle and just a few steps. Instant Visa upon payment Thank you
S. P. (India)08.01.2017 10:12 Very simple and quick visa process. Wishing the country the best.
M. A. (Saudi Arabia)05.01.2017 12:34 efficient, smart and up to date, thank you Turkey. Bless you indeed.
R. F. (U.S.A)04.01.2017 01:02 Site is very easy to navigate. FAQ section is easy to find and helpful.
S. R. (India)26.12.2016 14:56 I am using this facility for the third time. Smooth processing of e-visa. Very efficient. Thank you for this great facility.
R. S. (India)26.12.2016 14:32 E-Visa Republic of Turkey Visa application portal is outstanding and provides the fastest visa service in the world.
P. L. (India)18.12.2016 21:32 Simply Superb !!! In my travel to last 8 countries, never got the visa so quickly and easily !!! Great Job Turkish Government.